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Bisley Gun Oil is a high quality, light viscosity mineral oil especially formulated for quality sporting guns. Its unique rust inhibitor prevents corrosion and rusting for prolonged reliable performance. It is specially formulated to ensure fast smooth action in all precise machinery.

Pro-Ferrum is designed to spread out over surfaces and create a fine film similar to a super fluid: it forms a thin film and continues to creep over any surface and penetrate even the finest gaps. This is a significant difference to ordinary gun oils, which have limited penetrating properties requiring careful application to ensure all surfaces are covered.

When sprayed on a wet surface, like on a barrel in the rain, Pro-Ferrum, breaks down the water into tiny droplets and encapsulates them and a yellowish emulsion occurs. A second spray of Pro-Ferrum replaces this emulsion with an oil film, which protects the metal from any further attacks of oxidation.

Pro-Ferrum has excellent cleaning properties, it penetrates and lifts undesired residues and protects the material underneath.
Dissolving rust quickly and as an indication, the colour of the fluid changes to orange.
Brass, Tombac and Lead: bullets leave a layer of residue in the barrel. Pro-Ferrum dissolves these metallic residues each time it is applied after shooting. As an indication, the colour of oil becomes green or grey.
Old Oil and Grease residue: Pro-Ferrum dissolves old oil and grease residue easily. 100ml bottles available only