DBHE AD 12 bore J. Venables Side by Side


ManufacturerJ. Venables
Caliber12 bore
MechanismSide by Side
Barrel Length28"
Stock Length15 5/8"
TriggerDouble Trigger
ChokesFull x Full
Chamber2 1/2" - 65mm
CaseMakers single leather flat case
Stock No23423
01458 270024

DBHE AD 12bore J. Venables side by side for sale

Having recently been fully serviced including barrels reblacked by ourselves this summer, this gun is in excellent mechanical order.

With original 28″ barrel length, chambered for 2 1/2″ cartridges and choked full & extra full. The action retains good colour and crisp engraving.

The original stock is of very high quality for the period and complemented with large best leather covered recoil pad making 15 5/8″ centre

Presented in makers single flat leather case, this really is something a little special

For further information or to arrange a viewing, please telephone 01458270024


Drop1 5/8 x 2 9/16
Cast1/2 X 1/2 cast off right shoulder
Weight6lb 10oz
Additional informationMade circa 1936 - Reproofed R: 18.5mm L: 18.6mm
Barrel reportRight barrel measures .0727 left barrel measures .0732 minimum wall thickness L 0.028