ELEY Bismuth 20 bore – Lead alternative

Eley Hawk
Manufacturer Eley
Model Bismuth
Caliber 20 bore
Chamber 2 1/2" - 65mm
01458 270024

When you need to shoot game or wildfowl, across lowland terrain, near watercourses, a 20 bore Bismuth is the perfect for the job.
A lead alternative for wetland shooting.
It works in all guns proofed to work with lead shot.
It is proven in the field since the early 1990`s.
Perfect for the occasional wildfowler and the duck flighting, this is the cost-effective solution compared with investing in a new steel – proofed gun.

Gauge 20 bore
Shot Load 25 grm
Shot Size 5
Wad Fibre
Velocity 1216 fps