ELEY Grand Prix Traditional Pro Eco 12 bore

Eley Hawk
Manufacturer Eley
Model Grand Prix Traditional Pro Eco - Steel shot
Caliber 12 bore
Chamber 2 1/2" - 65mm
01458 270024

Blend of tradition with state of the art technology.
The first true 2 1/2″ steel shot cartridge, designed specifically for traditional game guns.

* Eco friendly – 100% compostable and fully dissolves in 24hrs in water.
* CUP WAD for superior patterning and protection to the barrels
* Certified for compostability, non-toxicity, and biological standards
* The only shooting product certified for marine biodegradability

Gauge 12 bore
Shot Load 30 gram
Shot Size 4 - STEEL
Wad Pro Eco Wad - Water Soluble