ELEY VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad 12bore

Eley Hawk
Manufacturer Eley
Model VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad
Caliber 12 bore
Chamber 2 3/4" - 70mm
01458 270024

The absolute best seller for steel loads.
The water soluble PRO ECO wad ensures that NO PLASTIC is left in the environment.
The perfect combination between performance and sustainability.

* Eco friendly – 100% compostable and fully dissolves in 24hrs in water.
* CUP WAD for superior patterning and protection to the barrels
* Certified for compostability, non-toxicity, and biological standards
* The only shooting product certified for marine biodegradability

Gauge 12 bore
Shot Load 32 Gram
Shot Size 3 - STEEL
Wad Pro Eco Wad - Water Soluble
Velocity 1279 fps