Gamebore BISMUTH 20bore

CaliberBismuth 20 bore
01458 270024

Gamebore have always been at the forefront of cartridge development and innovation and the new Bismuth cartridges continue that tradition.

As the UK’s only shot manufacturer, Gamebore have turned their expertise to Bismuth and using a revolutionary production technique at their factory, they now produce Bismuth shot using a unique process that results in superb, uniform, malleable shot which performs like lead and eliminates the issue of shot shattering as seen with Bismuth produced using the more traditional method.

Bismuth is the closest material in terms of density and softness to lead and so has no restrictions on choke and can be loaded in cartridges with a standard fibre wad.

Totally safe for the environment and for use in traditional game guns, these cartridges deliver everything you expect from a Gamebore product, namely the highest quality and outstanding performance.

Loaded in 70mm case length in 20 gauge, these cartridges are suitable only for guns chambered above 2 1/2″ – 65mm. These cartridges will suit the most discerning of game shots where a lead alternative is needed.

For further information and availability, please telephone 01458270024

Shot Load28 Gram
Shot Size5
Velocity1400 fps
Chamber2 3/4″ – 70mm