Gamo Junior .22 Air Rifle


MechanismBreak Barrel
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Gamo Junior .22 break barrel air rifle for sale

Perfect for target shooting and developing hunting skills. 3.5ft lb spring power, fitted with Gamo WD 3 – 9 x 50 scope &  mounts.

Rifle available separately @ £99.99

As reviewed by Gun Mart:

“Accuracy ½” @ 25 yards.  Small kids and youngsters, are still growing and their muscles developing, so any prospective rifle needs to be tailored to their dimensions, physique, and limited strength. Everything about the Gamo Junior Hunter is effectively scaled down, and the result is a brilliant little rifle, dedicated to juniors. That even means a super small pistol grip- complete with attractive panels of chequering, and whilst a simple rubber butt pad would have been nice, with an overall RRP sub £100, it’s difficult to grumble. Power is super low, around 3.5 ft/lbs, so cocking is smooth and easy, and that’s just what we need at club level, to help kids who are super keen, prepared to be safe, and yet not up to the rigors of full-sized kit. Despite that low power, I still recorded superb accuracy on test, so this gun is quite an eye opener, and surely one of the very best junior spec sporters on the market today”

For further information, please telephone 01458270024