Composed Pair DBHE 12bore J.Woodward Side by Side


Composed Pair DBHE 12bore J.Woodward Double Trigger Side by Side for sale.

We are honoured to present this composed pair of DBHE 12bore J.Woodward shotguns for sale on our clients behalf.

Made circa  1895/1899 these magnificent guns have stood the test of time. Having been sourced and restocked over 25 years ago by ourselves, they have remained with our customer ever since.

Classic Woodward pistol grips with horn caps, stocks measuring 14 5/8″ to middle. Beautifully matching timbers, silver ovals. Unmistakable carved Woodward action detonators, top safety catches, one gun with side clips, one without. Clean & crisp fine scroll engraving. Gold inlaid 1 & 2 on top levers. barrels & forend tips. Meticulously serviced by ourselves almost every year for the past two decades. Weighing 6lb 7oz approx, these shotguns are of the very best of English gun making time.

29″ Chopper lump barrels, chambered 2 1/2″ – 65mm, choked to shoot standard steel shot where required.  Presented in a best London Oak & Leather case.

Bend : 1 1/2 x 2  Cast : 3/4″ Off – right shoulder

Barrel Report: Gun No 1 : 29" Chopper lump. 2 1/2" chambers. London Nitro Proofed 12bore - 0.729` Now measures R: 0.734` L: 0.734 Minimum barrel wall thickness R 0.024` : L 0.025` Choked R: 1/4 L: 3/8 Gun No 2 : 29" Chopper lump. 2 1/2" chambers. London Nitro Re-Proofed 1982 - 12bore - 0.732` Now measures R: 0.733` L: 0.732` Minimum barrel wall thickness R 0.025` : L 0.024` Choked R: Imp Cyl L: Imp Cyl

For further information, please telephone 01458 270024 or email [email protected]

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Manufacturer: J.Woodward
Mechanism: Side by Side
Bore: 12 bore
Barrel Length: 29"
Stock Length: 14 5/8"
Trigger: Double Trigger
Origin: England
Ejection: Yes
Chokes: Fixed Choke
Chamber: 2 1/2" - 65mm
Case: Double Oak & Leather Case
Stock Number: 24664