ELEY Classic Game 12bore – Paper case

Without doubt, Eley Hawk’s Classic Game cartridges are the finest paper case offerings available today.

Despite being loaded with modern copper-coated lead shot for superior patterning, this traditional British cartridge is still produced using the unique “Pegamoid” lacquering process which has been perfected to ensure the cartridge is moisture resistant and performs excellently.

Classic Game paper case cartridges contain only the very best ingredients for game shooting with traditional guns. Copper-coated shot creates the best killing patterns, premium PSB+ powders ensure the best shot-to-shot consistency, and the paper cases deliver a luxurious finish and practical waterproofing. Each outer box is then carefully wrapped to ensure product freshness.

“Because they are available in a paper case, I really like them for my hammer gun. They have a copper-coated shot and throw a tight pattern.” ~ Mr McKenzie, Game shooter

  • Low smoke
  • Easy Ejection
  • Low recoil
  • Copper shot
  • 16mm Brass
  • PSB+ Powder for consistent ballistics
  • Fibre wad

For further information or to order your cartridges, please telephone 01458 270024

Gauge: 12 bore - Shot Load: 30 gram - Shot Size: 5cu - Wad: Fibre - Velocity: 1356fps 2 1/2" - 65mm

For further information, please telephone 01458 270024 or email [email protected]

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Manufacturer: Eley
Model: Classic Game - Copper shot
Bore: 12 bore
Origin: England
Chamber: 2 1/2" - 65mm