30th April 2020 – Statement of Police from A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd

30th April 2020  – Statement policy from A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd

Due to the current Covid 19 Government guidelines, our retail premises sadly remains’ closed.
By arrangement only, A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd will permit farmers, game keepers and professional users to place limited telephone orders and make arranged timed collections of essential provisions of Section 1 ammunition & Section 2 shotgun cartridges under the “supply of food and other necessary goods” guidelines.
In the government guidelines for retail outlets, there are exceptions for agricultural supplies. Customers are permitted to deliver firearms for secure storage, maintenance or essential repairs. As a registered firearm dealer, we are permitted to take possession of firearms that are likely to become unlawfully held in the event your license expires without renewal.
It is vital that we all maintain the security / safety of firearms and ammunition during this period. Secure storage of firearms is in support of public safety.
• Social distancing rules will be enforced.
• We will respect the minimum 2 meter rule.
• Orders and deposit payments will be taken over the telephone.
• Face to face sales or cash transactions will not be permitted.
• Following the presentation of your valid certificate and balance of card payment taken by contact less device – delivered through our letter       box first, we will process your details and select your goods, telephoning you to notify you that they are ready to collect.
• You will then be granted access to your goods.
• Collection will be made from our isolated lobby with entrance permitted one client at time.
• We will maintain our personal hand washing and suitable disinfection of the area and goods being exchanged.

A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd can arrange a delivery/collection service if necessary, please telephone to discuss but this will be limited to our local clients only.

Telephone 01458 270024
Monday to Friday 10:00hrs until 15:30hrs