After over three decades of dealing personally with our suppliers, A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd are proud that every individual Turkish walnut stock blank in stock still remains hand selected.

From trees reputedly over 300 years old, Turkish walnut is the wood of choice for best gun stocks. Harvested from individual tress, with each piece having a unique character, grain and colour depicting its region of growth. A.W.Rule Son Gun Makers Ltd only use timber that is fully air dried to ensure that perfect piece.. Whether selecting for stock or an individuals requirements, A.W.Rule & son Gun Makers Ltd always chose timber to suit a guns heritage, action type and style to maintain its originality.

After selection with the supplier, the wood is shipped across Europe to our premises in Somerton where it is fully prepared in house for selection.
During this process the wood is put through several stages of thicknessing, planning, sanding and clear coat varnishing before individual pricing.
With grades from entry level to exhibition level including pairs, A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd have timber to suit nearly all bespoke replacement shotgun stock requirements.

Each piece of timber that is being offered for sale is ready for immediate use or can be stored for future projects.

A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd offer a full in house, hand made, bespoke measurement restocking service.

Please call 01458 270024 to discuss your requirements, prices and availability.

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We only use the finest walnut for our stocks, some cut from trees over 300 years old. Our Walnut stock blanks are fully guaranteed, air dried and personally hand selected.

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