Gun Restocking and Custom Shotgun Stock Making

Using traditional methods, A.W. Rule and Son Gun Makers Ltd are pleased to offer a fully bespoke shotgun and rifle stock making service. We can complete full gun restocking including fitting. We have been custom stock makers for over 60 years delivering beautiful hand finished stocks for shotguns and rifles.

Whether you require a custom handmade replacement stock for your Best English Game gun, imported side by side, over under or a Big Game hunting rifle.

Choose from our range of hand selected, air dried Turkish walnut stock blanks, be it from entry level to best exhibition grade. We can match your current stock for grain and colour on your behalf, or you can personally choose from our selection by appointment.

Our gun restocking process uses only traditional methods of wood chisels, draw knives, hand files and smoke lamps. With years of experience we can craft your individual new stock to your exact bespoke measurements.
Every new stock colour matched using Linseed oil and natural colours and using traditional hand rubbed London style oil wood finishes, we pride ourselves with quality over quantity.

Fully servicing the action and all working parts, hand engraving new pins and ovals before shooting to test at our testing ground before delivery.

A.W. Rule and Son Gun Makers Ltd are pleased to offer a guaranteed quotation upon request.

Whether restocking a family heirloom, the “old faithful” or modern sporting shotgun, to achieve accurate instinctive shooting and for the gun to work in perfect harmony with the user, it must fit correctly. Our gun restocking service is designed to give you a perfect replacement – as good as if not better than your original stock.