Here at A.W. Rule a& Son Gun Makers Ltd we are asked various questions, from what cartridges are the best to use when pheasant shooting to where our Walnut stock blanks come from. We are always happy to help expand someone’s knowledge and share our expertise, please see the most common questions we are asked…

Here at A.W. Rule & Son Gun Makers we source walnut from Turkey. Selected from trees reputedly over 300 years old, Turkish walnut is the wood of choice for beautiful gun stocks. Walnut is tough and hard and is not prone to splitting which makes it an obvious choice for gun stocks. All our pieces are air dried, each hand selected and guaranteed. Prepared for sale and for immediate use.
Over decades of being in the industry, we recognize that branding is important to some, however we believe in quality of product over name. However, with such increases in quality of manufacturing, it has become evident that in our opinion there are two preferred cartridge supplies that we would currently recommend. We stock both Hull Cartridges and Gamebore cartridges here at A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd. Both manufactures supply cartridges that compliment our level of quality and provide performance suitable for both your gun and for your quarry. We stock game & clay cartridges throughout the year. For larger orders, please telephone for availability and current costings.
We believe in using time old traditional methods of stock alterations using hot oil. We have designed and built our setting cradle and it has been in operation for two generations of gun making. The stock is held in the cradle using various jigs that are themselves set into position in preparation for the setting process. The oil is heated to a specific temperature, then allowed to flow over the wrist of your shotgun stock for many hours until the stock becomes malleable and willing to be moved. The hot oil penetrates the fibers of the wood, relaxing them - the jigs are moved and altered, in turn altering the dimensions of your stock until the desired measurement is achieved. When correct, the oil is stopped and the stock is allowed to fully cool. This process of slow cooling allows the fibers of the wood to set and firm up, thus holding the new measurement when it is released from the setting cradle.
Here at A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd we pride ourselves on having a full gun making facility within our three story Georgian property. We only use the services of outworkers whom are specialized within their own industry. We use apprentice trained engravers, the services of both the London & Birmingham Proof Houses , very specific action files, locksmiths, barrel makers and leather workers when required. All outwork is guaranteed by ourselves, only after entrusting their services after decades of close connections.
We have four fully working try guns available here at A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd. Both side by side and over/under including a full cross over try gun. We believe in offering the finest service possible, using the try guns to ascertain the perfect fit for our clients. The guns can be altered for length, bend, cast and pitch. We offer appointments using the try guns with Mr Rule to collate your measurements prior to purchasing a gun or for general informational purposes only. This service costs £60 + VAT or inclusive when having a new stock made or altering your existing shotgun by ourselves.
We are open Monday to Friday from 0900hrs until 1730hrs without closing at lunchtime. Saturdays are generally by appointment between 0900hrs until 1230hrs We are more than happy to make an evening appointment throughout the week, please telephone 01458 270024 if this service would be more convenient.
This term is typically only used by gunmakers, resulting in not many understanding what it represents: DBHE - Double Barrel Hammerless Ejector shotgun Other variations include: DBHE A/D - Box lock ( Anson & Deley ) shotgun DBHE O/U - Over & Under shotgun DBHNE - Non ejector side by side shotgun DBHNE AD - Non ejector box lock side by side shotgun DBHMAMMER - Double barrel hammer shotgun SBHAMMER - Single barrel hammer shotgun