The 2018/2019 Game Shooting season has sadly ended

The 2018/2019 game shooting season has sadly come to an end. We hope that all of our clients have had a gratifying and successful year. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that a basic end of season is crucial to the upkeep of your shotgun. As the game shooting season has now concluded, why not give us a call or drop in and let us take a look at your shotgun to avoid the disappointment of a lost days shooting.

This is also an opportune time to reserve your game cartridges; we continue our support of Gamebore and Hull cartridges. A.W.Rule and Son Gun Makers Ltd can offer cartridges to cover all aspects of game shooting.

We also have our own bespoke range of cartridges available. Our bespoke AWR Traditional Game 12 bore 30grm 5shot 2 ½” and our AWR Heritage 12 bore 28grm 6shot 2 ½” varnished paper cartridges being our cartridges of choice.

For clay shooters we are supporting Hull Superfast 12g 27grm 7.5 shot fibre wad cartridges at 1500fps and for the 20 bpre shooter the Hull Pro Twenty 28grm 7 1/2 shot 1400fps. Or our own AWR Competition 12bore 27gram 7.5shot fibre wad cartridges.

For enquiries all enquires please telephone 01458 270024

Pre End of Season Shotgun Service
Post End of Season Shotgun Service