A.W. Rule Christmas Giveaway

This Year A.W. Rule and Son have decided to give two lucky people the chance to win a Hull Christmas Bundle. 

Have a look at our facebook page for more information. 

You will have the chance of winning the following: 

Hull Bag, Hull Brooch, Navy Tie or Gold Tie, Cartridge Memory Stick, Hull pen and Hull Lanyard

The choice of one of the following:

250 x A.W. Rule Traditional Cartridges, 12b, 30grm, 5 shot

250 x A.W. Rule Competition Cartridges, 12b, 27grms, 7.5 shot

250 x Hull High Pheasant Cartridges, 20b, 25grms, 6 shot

250 x Hull Protwenty Cartridges, 20b, 28grm, 7.5 shot

Terms & Conditions:
– You must hold a valid shotgun license and be over the age of 18. You will need to provide your license upon collection. 
– Collection only. We are unable to offer any shipments or postage. 
– This bundle holds no monetary value.