Italian Gunmaking Meets British Craftsmanship: DBHE OU 20 bore Beretta EELL English Game Conversion

Some work can only be done by specialist gunstock makers like A W Rule and Son. Some of our latest work has involved anglicising a DBHE OU 20 bore Beretta EELL English Game Conversion for a client, which requires years of training and expert knowledge.
Having owned this Beretta EELL in standard form for many years, our client viewed an example of our English Game conversion and immediately instructed us to anglicise his gun to his specific requirements.
We reshaped the original stock, slimming down the woodwork then altered the pistol grip to rounded end to match another gun in his collection. We manufactured a new right sided beaded edge guard and made & fitted a new 7/8” silver oval. The stock was then fitted with a soft recoil pad which we wrapped in the finest leather. The hand of the stock was chequered in a traditional English manor.
The original forend wood was again reshaped, removing the Schnabel tip to give it a more English rounded design. We made & fitted two new forend diamonds which led to a far more delightful chequering pattern.
To gain even more weight loss and to improve the balance and handling of the gun, we removed the standard top ventilated rib of the barrels to give an exceptional look. Using only a best London black to compliment our work.
The new parts were hand engraved to match the style of the Beretta EELL engraving and the stock was oil finished in house using our age old stock oil, a truly rewarding process.
Our client was delighted when he received the gun and has now decided to have a second Beretta EELL done to match for his youngest son, a gun that he will be proud of for decades to come.
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