Air Arms Air Rifles

Air Arms was founded in 1983, by company founder Bob Nicholls, along with general manger Colin Kind and Marketing Manager, Bill Sanders.

Together they created a pre-charged pneumatic rifle, making it one of the most forward thinking companies manufacturing air rifles at the time. Another impactful milestone was the decision to invest in Computer Numerically Controlled production machinery. This was a huge step forward, instead of manually crafting each air rifle; they were now able to create multiple rifles with great precision at a faster rate. The company continued to flourish at a tremendous rate.

It was not long until the company was spotted by John Rothery Wholesale, creating a partnership which helped Air Arms become the well known brand it is today.
Air Arms later ended this partnership and joined with Deben Group Industries Ltd.

A.W.Rule & Son Gunmakers Ltd are proud to support and supply Air Arms products.