In 1946, at the age of 14, Daniele Perazzi began his employment with a local gunsmith. He soon learnt and gained valuable experience, as by the age of 20 he began working by himself. His first notable success was inventing a new style of trigger design and selling the patent to other gun manufacturers. Allowing him, as the young age of 25 to found Perazzi Armi.

Perazzi was inspired by the English gun manufactures such as Boss & Co and Woodward. After being joined by Ivo Fabbri, a engineer who previously worked for Fiat, they set out to create high quality yet affordable shotguns. Along with the help of Enni Mattarelli an Italian Olympic trap shooter, they designed a gun for Mattarelli to shoot at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and 1968 Mexico City Olympics. With great success they introduced the MX8.

The shotgun was built specifically to cope with shooting in hot climates. The gun featured a higher rib and stock to reduce heat distortion. They also lowered the mount of the stock in the shoulder so the recoil went directly back into the shoulder rather than vertically.It was also one of the first guns to include interchangeable screw chokes, a design now included in all modern guns.

Perazzi went from strength to strength, sadly in 2012 Daniele Perazzi passed away but the company was taken over by his son and daughter, together they continue their father’s work.