Rizzini Shotguns

Rizzini does not boast a centuries-old tradition of making shotguns, but since its founding in 1966, their shotguns have gained international renown thanks to the successful combination of technology and craftsmanship. This was made possible not only by the commitment and dedication of the founder, Battista Rizzini, but also by the precious collaboration and enthusiasm of his three children, actively engaged in the company.

The models in the Rizzini range, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of hunters and shooters, are the result of research into new technologies combined with the use of the most modern machinery and materials and the most up-to-date processes.The Company operates a project development office, several state of the art CNC machines and a wood department for the production of stocks and forends. The guns are assembled by skilled gunsmiths and tested for pattern in in-house shooting tunnel.

The “original” Rizzini brand is registered worldwide and it certifies the highest quality and reliability of the product. 100% made in Italy.