Weihrauch Air Rifles

Weihrauch is a renowned gun manufacturer who pride themselves in the production of air guns and bolt action rifles. Using the latest technology, the guns are manufactured to the highest of standards, incorporating the current sporting arms techniques and strategies. Innovative manufacturing and perfect products are values that Weihrauch promote throughout their business. They place a significant amount of resources into the development and enhancement of products to ensure they can continue to meet the demands of clients and market requirements. Construction techniques are constantly under review and refined looking at materials, requirements and barrels as well as other components that make up the guns to ensure they can deliver leading products. As guns are quite a specialist product, Weihrauch have a dedicated team of experts who are working on improving the accuracy and temper of different elements within their products. The unique combination of production technology and years of experience in the industry that has turned their advanced know how to create hobby, sports and hunting guns that deliver on performance, quality and lifespan.

The company are specialists in particular in air rifles and pistols as well as small bore repeaters and handguns.

Air Rifles – Suitable for sporting pursuits which demand precision and accuracy

Air pistols – Also perfect for sports and leisure use

Small bore repeaters – Manufactured for hunting and match

All products meet current safety standards and as with all gun manufacturers in the UK, they fully comply with regulations and laws.

If you would like to read more about the products supplied by Weihrauch, they have plenty of information on their website so you can see if their products are a good fit for you.