AWR Bespoke – Heritage Paper 12bore

In partnership with Hull Cartridge, A W Rule & Son Gun Makers are proud to offer our Bespoke Heritage Paper 12 bore 28grm 6shot fibre wad cartridges. Based on the fabulous Three Crowns cartridge, this true 2 1/2″ cartridge provide superb performance without compromising shot pattern with moderate recoil.

  • Quintessential English loads ideal for fine guns. At the forefront of the sport for 70 years Three Crowns is a range that meets the demands of the accomplished game shot.
  • Classic values of paper case without compromise on performance
  • Super smooth ballistics
  • Modest recoil ideal for 2 1/2″ – 65mm chambered guns
  • Fibre wad
  • Uniform dense patterns
  • Available in 28grm 6shot

Currently out of stock

For further information, please telephone 01458 270024

Gauge: 12 bore - Shot Load: 28 Gram - Shot Size: 6 - Wad: Fibre - Velocity: 1395fps - Chamber: 2 1/2" - 65mm

For further information, please telephone 01458 270024 or email [email protected]

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Manufacturer: Hull Cartridge Company
Model: AWR Heritage
Bore: 12 bore
Origin: England
Chamber: 2 1/2" - 65mm