Imperial Game 12 guage

Hull Imperial Game 12bore

Gauge: 12

Shot Load: 28, 30 Gram

Shot Size: 5, 6

Wad: Fibre

Velocity: 1450 fps

Chamber: 2 1/2″ – 65 mm

Perfect for Partridge! A powerful load, that is comfortable to shoot all day long. Particularly suitable for fine English, imperially chambered or light weight guns. An extended range load – super smooth ballistics.

  • Perfect for partridge, glorious for grouse.
  • A previous “Game Cartridge of the year” as voted by The Field, Shooting Gazette, Sporting Gun, Shooting Times.
  • Particularly suitable for fine English imperially chambered game guns.
  • Powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder.
  • Part of the Drop Dead Gauges range.