Restore and Rebuild your Treasured Family Gun

A family gun is like any treasured heirloom in some respects; you want to keep it as pristine as possible to pass it on to future generations.

In other ways, a family gun is much harder to maintain than other pieces of family history, with many moving parts and other working elements that can degrade over time. This means the gun can’t do the single thing it exists for. It’s a thrilling feeling to know you are firing something passed down along the family line, and that’s where A.W. Rule & Son Gunmakers can help.

Restocking Service:

One of the most common issues we see with antique and heirloom guns is a broken stock. This is because, unlike metal, time is often harsher on wood – with many older stocks not treated and protected. Happily, A.W. Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd offers a full bespoke restocking service.

We use only the very finest air-dried Turkish walnut for our shotgun stocks. Walnut is the most durable and beautiful timber available. With a large selection hand picked, air dried walnut to choose from our wood room – of which some pieces come from trees over 300 years old – we are able to match the grain and colour of your current stock. We hand craft your new stock, using traditional methods of chisels, smoke lamps, files and rasps, crafting the wood to your specific measurements, gained by our try gun fitting service, delivering a bespoke, tailored solution for your needs. Our stocks are bored for weight and balance, giving them the correct feel in the shoulder. We can make & fit new Silver or Gold initial plates, offer a hand engraving service. Hand chequered and hand oil finished to achieve that traditional best London style look.

Servicing and Repairs.

With decades of experience behind us, we know just where to look for the likely trouble areas your family gun might have. We offer a comprehensive servicing and repairs service, and we can replace or repair any fault we find. We carry out all repairs in-house, so you can rely on us to deliver your gun back in pristine, working order. What’s more, we can even clean your family gun to return it to its original looks.

A.W. Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd will look at every aspect of your family gun from firing pins, mainsprings, ejector work, cosmetic issues to trigger mechanisms. If you have dented your barrel or your gun’s action needs tightening, we can help. We offer barrel re-blacking or re-browning, colour hardening, action rebluing and, ultimately, repair and replace any sub-par elements, restoring your gun to its former glory.

Contact us today for a guaranteed quotation and find out how A.W. Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd can bring your family treasure back to perfect working order.