Shotgun Safety Inspection

It is most common that throughout the season you and your shotgun will get very wet. Although you can clean and dry your shotgun yourself, we offer this  safety inspection service to get to insure the gun is kept in a good, clean and safe working condition throughout the year.

A shotgun safety inspection involves the removal all working parts from the stock and forend, we visually check that the operation of the shotgun is correct.

Checking safety and trigger clearances, function on the locks and ejectors. Re greasing and reassembly. The gun is then test fired using shotgun primers ensuring good detonation by the firing pins.

The bores of the barrels are internally cleaned using cleaning rods as required. inspected for signs of damage and rusting. If applicable, chokes cleaned and inspected also.

Please telephone 01458 270024 to arrange an appointment, or to discuss your requirements.