Full End of Season Shotgun Servicing

A full end of season service is our service for new and existing clients that have not had their shotgun maintained. In the interest of best practice, A.W.Rule & Son Gun Makers Ltd will offer this higher level of servicing to clients that have not had their gun serviced or maintained for many years, or typically having just purchased their new gun with no history of its maintenance schedule.

Our highest level of servicing allows both parties to have the confidence that the gun has been fully inspected, insuring that the gun is in best working order. This service is also recommended to our clients who wish to sell their guns, potentially giving the gun the best sale opportunity and achieving higher values.

A full end of season service involves the removal all working parts from the stock and forend. A full disassembly of action, locks, triggers, ejector work, and cartridge extractors.

Each and every working item is hand inspected, removing any rusting or burrs. Hand cleaned using a de-greasing agent. The action, lock plates, forend iron and trigger guard is ultrasonically cleaned to remove all dirt and debris from those hard to reach places, even cleaning the engraving. These parts are then ultrasonically cleaned again in a separate ultrasonic bath, this time in fine oil. This insures that every part is oiled for protection and in the best possible condition prior to assembly.

All action pins are tightened and re-engraved as required, heat blued for that traditional look. The firing pins – when necessary – are reshaped and re hardened and gold washed. Top safety catch re-cut for grip and heat blued. The safety and trigger clearances are checked. Trigger pulls, locks operation and ejectors are tested and regulated. The action is tightened for grip and sides including the forend iron.

The top lever grip is re-cut for grip, the trigger guard, forend iron and where applicable, trigger plate and floor plate are all re-blacked. Triggers, forend tube and push rod are polished and heat blued to give giving that fresh look.

The barrels are fully prepared and re-blacked, polished top and tail best London style. Any dents, lapping or rib refitting would be by separate negotiation.

Upon reassembly, all parts are re greased using age old traditional products, a mixture handed down from generation to generation.

The gun is then test fired at our range using your preferred shotgun cartridges ensuring good detonation by the firing pins and the perfect ejector timing.

The barrels are then internally cleaned using cleaning rods and cleaning agents as required. Cleaning the chambers to remove any lead deposits. If applicable, multi chokes cleaned and inspected also.

This work is by quotation only.

Please telephone 01458 270024 to arrange an appointment, or to discuss your requirements.