The 2019/2020 Game Shooting Season Is Finishing

The 2019/2020 game shooting season is drawing to a close, as it comes to an end we hope that all our customers have had a successful and rewarding season.

Before you put your shotgun away in the cabinet for another year, why not bring it in and let us have a look at your shotgun. After this rainy season it is likely your shotgun got wet, although you have cleaned and dried it yourself there are always those hard to reach places. We offer four levels of servicing to suit the requirements of your shotgun, ranging from a basic to a full end of season service. All ensuring that your gun is clean and in safe working condition before the start of the next season.

We would also like to take this moment to thank all of those who tried our new Vanquish Extreme 12b 32grm 5shot cartridges this season. With numerous outstanding reviews and feedback, we cannot wait for our customer to use them again next season.
And while we wait for the next season to arrive, why not try Hull Superfast 12b 27grm 7.5shot cartridges, specifically produced to use on clays. Also available the popular Hull Pro Twenty 20bore cartridges available in 21grm, 24grm & 28grm.

For information on servicing, repairs or cartridges please telephone 01458 270024 or email [email protected]