Our London Tour: A visit to James Purdey and Sons Gun Makers with Mr Andrew Ambrose


Following a tour of The London Proof House with the Proof Master, Mr David Miles and an evening at the World Gun Makers’ event at the Royal Artillery Company in central London, the A W Rule and Son team were honoured to meet esteemed gun maker James Purdey and Son’s Director of gun sales, Mr Andrew Ambrose at their flagship residence at Audley House in Mayfair.
The team were treated to a very personal tour of the magnificent Long Room where Andrew spent time explaining the history of Purdeys and sharing details of the exquisite new and used guns being offered for sale.
During the tour, the team were taken to the lower level where they were shown historic Royal Warrants granted to James Purdey & Son and then to the ‘wood room’, which was a truly wonderful experience.
The day was finished off at the homes of Beretta Gallery and Holland and Holland in St James Street where the team were treated to excellent hospitality while they learned the histories of these world-class gun makers.
A brilliant time spent seeing old and new friends and celebrating the fantastic community we are lucky to be a part of.
We are now back at the bench continuing the history of gun making honed by centuries of craftsmanship. We’re proud to contribute our own part of gun making history by ensuring for the finest guns live on for generations to come.